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Inspiration comes from the most unusual places! August 21, 2013

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So here is how it goes. I took myself out to lunch on my day off and decided to try a new place, Spokes on Southern. I had no idea they have an outdoor patio with a pond and ducks and turtles just beyond and lo and behold today it’s cloudy and cool enough that I can sit outside! ! Bonus!


And then with a creative menu to boot! Selected their three cheese grilled cheese with basil, pear and turkey, on gluten free bun. As I was pondering their limited menu and yet all the customizing options, the inspiration came for updating our ordering website with a more limited initial selection and yet a myriad of customizing options! What do you think?

Well the ducks just walked up and they are quacking their approval!



God’s Garden Treasures’ new Blog website! August 20, 2013

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God’s Garden Treasures’ new Blog website!

This is my last post on this iteration of our blog. Thank you to our readers! Come and join me in our new elegant home at!



Two Quick Ways to Feel Good at Work! July 24, 2013

Flowers on your desk; Office Flowers; Feel Good at WorkI recently came home from vacation, and was not excited about the stacks on my desk, left from before vacation, and that grew on their own while I was gone! My desk has been functional since we moved into our new location, and yet not an inspiring place to work.

So… yesterday I realized, ‘I don’t have any flowers on my desk’, like the proverbial cobbler whose kids have no shoes. Rectifying the situation, I picked out some pretty gladiolas that remind me of my Dad and Grandad.

It felt SO good to walk into my office, and to sit and work with flowers around!

So here are the two tips:

1. Treat yourself to flowers on your desk.

2. Treat your office to flowers in your break room. It will feel good to enjoy them yourself, and you will feel double good because you are sharing the joy with others!

Share your pictures of your flowers  with us!


Where else you can find us! June 26, 2013

Our Contact Info:

Physical address: 2219 S 48th St, Suite G, Tempe, AZ 85282 You can come in and pick up, or we deliver throughout the Phoenix metro area.

Phone: 480-603-7673 – We answer phones outside business hours whenever possible, too!

Flower Ordering Website: (we also have a mobile version)

Coming soon: Wedding/Event/Corporate/ Blog website


YouTube Channel: GodsGardenTreasures (including a video showing how to find our location)

Twitter: @GodsGarden

Google+: God’s Garden Treasures

LinkedIn: God’s Garden Treasures

Wedding Wire: God’s  Garden Treasures



Google+ page: God’s Garden Treasures

More about us:

Are you tired of ho-hum flowers that feel like a big expense? Would you like to have your world rocked with stunning, innovative Floral Art that will delight you with the ROI and impact? If so, we are your florist!

Our passion is to bring extreme value to our personal and corporate clients with our Floral Art and Concierge Services. We personalize and customize our arrangements, using the world’s freshest and most creative flowers, and dressing them up for maximum impact! We deepen emotional connections and provide exquisite event experiences. Special requests are welcome, distinctive designs are the norm.

Tall Narrow Arrangement with long-lasting Orchids, Liatris and Fiddlehead Fernwpid-deloeilphotography-01.jpgGreen hydrangea and hanging amaranthus provide a stunning base for purple orchids, tulips and other green and purple flowers. Photo by Jill Lauren Photography.wpid-IMAG1530.jpg

Photography by God’s Garden Treasures staff, Andy DeLisle Photography, Jill Lauren Photography, and Karin Crawford (at Channel 3’s Your Life A to Z studio)

Announcing our Open House May 15, 2013

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Open House

I am so excited to invite you into our new Design Center! It’s where the magic happens! Come and see while enjoying great food, chocolates, cakes, music, and even some shopping! Join us please!

Date: Wednesday, May 22nd

Time: 4-7 pm

Location: 2219 S 48th St, Suite G Tempe, AZ 85282 (see map below)

  • Every guest will receive a gift certificate for between $5 and $50.
  • RSVP to be entered into a drawing for $100 Flower Cash.
  • Be present at 6pm for a chance to win a One-Night Stay at the Hotel Palomar and Dinner for Two at the Blue Hound.
  • Bring 2 friends who don’t already know us, and receive a special gift from us.
  • Share with your friends on Facebook Twitter or LinkedIn (ahead of time or that night) with a link to us to get extra tickets for gourmet chocolates, cakes, flowers or drinks! – or use the hashtag #GGTOpenHouse
  • Complimentary valet will be provided by American Valet.

Please RSVP on our Facebook page


Tulips have gotten a bad rap…. April 24, 2013

People give tulips a bad rap, that they don’t last long. Well, here are three vases: on the right are the ones we got in yesterday, notice the yellow ones leaning over. They were laying in a box and tried to pick up their little heads.


The ones in the middle are from last Monday. They were cut a bit shorter and are still perky.

The ones on the left are from two weeks ago. See how they are very open? They open like this as they mature and then drop their petals.

Thought you would like to know!


God’s Garden Treasures’ New Address April 23, 2013

We have moved to

2219 S 48th St, Suite G, Tempe, AZ 85282

We are in the same building as Got Memories, which is here on the map.

This is the in the Buttes Business Plaza, on the SE Corner of 48th St and Broadway.

For some reason, Google maps can’t keep our information straight, so here it is in one more place for you to find!

And we also created a video for you to help you find us:

And here is our ‘about us’ page on our website for more information.