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More Floral Design Inspiration February 18, 2013

More Floral Design Inspiration

As we prepared for a client’s open house (a graphic and web design company), we encountered these round magnetic boards on their walls – they cried out to be played with for the event!

So grateful when clients let us play….


Fashion Forward: Color Trends for Thanksgiving and Christmas November 8, 2011

Chocolate Dahlias Pair with Ivory Florals and Succulents

Chocolate Dahlias Pair with Ivory Florals and Succulents

Flowers follow Fashion. The colors and feel, even style we see on the runway lead floral designers and the flower world as well as fashion trends. This year’s Fall and Winter clothing lines saw the typical gloomy grays banished. All of the bright jewel tones that we have been seeing are translated over into more subdued versions for the later season.

 The color ranges were filled with neutrals like maroon camel and caramels; mid-tone colors likes purple, orange, and red; and vivid hues like gold teal and turquoise.

Also big this year in both clothing and beauty is midnight blue. 

Metallic highlights compliement Burgundy Roses, Schwarzwalder Calla Lilies and Bright Dianthus

Metallic highlights compliement Burgundy Roses, Schwarzwalder Calla Lilies and Bright Dianthus

Bright colors, like lemon and orange, are still present in small pops of accessories and highlights. Metallic and shine elements make an appearance to add dimension and texture.

To follow these color trends in your cut flowers and arrangements, try soft, full blossoms like peonies and dahlias, in deep maroons and reds. Pair these blooms with pops of vibrant yellow and metallic hardscape items. Or, incorporate shine with waxy leaves and mirrored containers.

It is less about a key color, and more about the combination. With less attention on the single color or flower, be encouraged to focus on the color harmonies. Mix colors and textures.

Fall Burgundy backdrop for Orange Pincushion with a Modern Pop of Fuchsia Dianthus

Fall Burgundy backdrop for Orange Pincushion with a Modern Pop of Fuchsia Dianthus

Thinking outside the normal color combination will be your best bet. The traditional Autumn colors are still present with yellows, oranges, and taupy browns, but mixing in some less saturated hues of dusty purples and grayed-out pinks will pull your arrangement of out the norm and into the modern.

One color that wasn’t very present in the fashion collections was the hunter green from previous years. Follow this trend by reducing the normal amount of greenery/foliages in your arrangements, opting for neutral twig elements or metallic highlights instead. Even if you don’t pay attention to the seasonal color trends in your wardrobe, most of us automatically assimilate the popular colors into our mind’s idea of what’s in or out.  Keep your arrangements fresh and modern by following color trends and your flowers will convey a sense of style and glamor.

For help thinking through your holiday party, and the perfect floral arrangements, post your question for Lisa or Karin on our Facebook Page, or order a custom floral arrangement and we will call and consult with you before creating it. We are Floral Artists offering Concierge-Level services, such as color consultation, full-service delivery and setup, rental vases and containers for events and parties, and customization for an amazing ‘Wow!’ factor.


List of Cost-effective to High-end Flowers for Weddings November 30, 2010

This is a basic list of flower types grouped by general pricing, to help brides not get their heart set on pricey flowers when they are on a very basic budget, or vice-versa! Please note that pricing is variable depending on the time of year.  And this pricing is based on dependable wholesalers who can be counted on to be able to get quality florals  for our brides.

The price of the bouquet is also dependent on how many stems are needed to fill out the space. Hydrangeas tend to be a much larger bloom, so you only need a few to fill the same bouquet compared to a smaller flower like a freesia or ranunculus.

High-end Flowers

Set A: Very High End
Peonies (except for a few weeks in the summer when they are in season)
Lily of the Valley
Phaeleanopsis Orchids
Antique, Pink and Purple Hydrangea

Set B: Moderate High end – $15 per stem
Calla Lilies
Oriental Lilies including Stargazer

Set C: Wedding must purchase whole box
Gardenia (3 large or 20 small per box)
Stephanotis (25 per box)

Mid-range-priced Flowers

White and Blue Hydrangea
Ranunculus and Tulips in Fall/Winter
Spray Roses
Roses (can be cost-effective if using a lot of them and if on special)
Dendrobium Orchids
Hybrid Delphinium
Gerbera Daisies (color guaranteed)
Carnations – True Purple/Lavender
Birds of Paradise
Crespedia (Billy Balls)
Bearded Iris (in season in spring only)
Lavender – Fresh
Ornithalgum – Star of Bethlehem
Chocolate Cosmos
Green Dianthus
Asiatic Lilies

Cost Effective Flowers

Ranunculus and Tulips in the spring
Button Mums
Spider Mums
Delphinium – standard (shorter)
White and yellow standard Daisies
Bells of Ireland
Gerbera Daisies in a mixed color box (we can get on special – can’t guarantee colors)
Carnations, except the true purple/lavender
Safari Sunset
Lavender – Dried
Queen Anne’s Lace
Phlox (in season)
Wax Flower
Babies’ Breath

We are committed to assisting you in making the best decision for the look you want and where you are happy with the cost as well.


A Starry Night Reception – Red Carpet Glam October 8, 2010

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Arizona Bridal Affair is one classy act! This year, they hosted a party for all the vendors before the actual Bridal Show. What a fun, red-carpet evening!

Here are a few of the pictures featuring our new Orchid Hair Clip, Joan from Occasions! By Design, Laura Wintemute of Arizona Bridal Affair, Karin, and some of the florals we provided for the event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you to Special Events Linens for adding a beautiful backdrop for our florals!

Here are more pictures of the vendors strutting it on the red carpet – have you seen your vendors when they are having fun? Here’s a chance.

Here is more information on Event Florals for your next gig.


7 Questions to Ask a Florist When Planning Wedding Flowers June 15, 2010

So you have your venue and date for your wedding, and your next step is decor and flowers. What questions should you ask when you meet with a wedding florist?

1. How do the flowers get to the wedding? Do you offer delivery services and what is included? Do you have a service where you move florals and decor from the ceremony site to the reception?

2. Do you offer rental vases and containers?

3. How do flowers get to you? Are they kept cold all the way from the grower to your shop?

4. Are my favorite flowers in season and available? What is their pricing? Can you suggest other flowers that will give me the same look and feel, and that will complement them well?

5. Can I see pictures of bride’s bouquets and other wedding flowers you have actually done?

6. What suggestions do you have for maximizing my wedding budget?

7. How do you make sure the flowers last throughout the whole day, looking fabulous for the ceremony, reception and pictures?

I’m curious what other questions you have on your mind – leave a reply here and make your suggestion!


Desert Botanic Garden Wedding July 30, 2009

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We just got a cd of photographer’s pictures – ICD Photography – from a wedding at the Desert Botanic Garden! Here are a few of them:

Click here to see the rest!


Eco-Friendly Floral Containers June 23, 2009

Did you know that there are eco-friendly containers for floral arrangements? They are great for personal gifts, event and wedding centerpieces, wedding ceremony flowers or almost any floral design!

Lilies and Roses in Recreations PotCircle of Life - Recreations pot sm

Lilies and Roses in Recreations Pot and Fall Buffet Piece
New Years Recreations Floral Design

New Years Recreations Floral Design

Made with recycled paper, each ReCreations container is infused with ingredients from the earth, from pale flecks of Field Straw to richly textured Natural Bark to the verdant hues of Fresh Basil. The result is a collection that is strikingly beautiful.”  Click here to see the supplier’s website.

They are fully watertight, come in three colors and the creativity for using them is endless!