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Want to ‘Wow’ her? Follow this advice! February 24, 2012

Yesterday, we delivered an arrangement by noon, and before the end of the day, got this response back. Shayne gave us permission to share it. His situation is so much like many others. We want the world to know that you have options when it comes to flowers! Here goes his email to us:

“Good Afternoon!  Just wanted to thank you and your staff for blowing my wife away.  I usually get a “Thank you for the flowers” after she receives the flowers, just to let me know that she got them.  And in the case of Valentine’s Day the second call was 3 days later saying that the flowers were wilted and brown on the edges.

“Today you guys rocked……  She called today after your very prompt delivery and her words, “Wow they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!”.  The second call today mind you, “Everyone loves the roses, they are saying that she is so spoiled and of course, where did he get such lovely roses?”  Of course, she is sharing your information with all of her co-workers.

“I must admit your attention to detail and customer service blew me away.  I have been sending roses to my wife for about 10 years now.  I have run the gambit, 1-800-Flowers, Teleflora and FTD.  A coworker of mine suggested calling a local company this time, and boy was she right about that you now have a repeat customer.  Yesterday was the first time I had ever heard from the flower company. 

“Usually I like to not only impress my wife with the roses but also her coworkers.  In the past I have always ordered flowers to be delivered the day before an occasion so that she can enjoy them all day.  The day before Valentine’s Day her coworkers go home to their significant and I quote, “ Janeen got her roses today what are you getting me?”

“Most of the time I am content with hitting a home run with the Roses that she receives.  This time you and your team hit a walk-off Grand Slam in the bottom of the ninth to with the game.”

 Thanks so very much,

 Shayne P.

And later in the evening: ” My wife showed me pictures of the arrangement, no wonder all the office was in awe.  I’ve never seen roses like that, you made her day.”

What happened: He placed an order online for our Artistic Premium Roses. When we received the order in our shop, I called him and asked him what he liked about it. He said he was looking for something different and striking, and that she loves roses. I asked him if he would like us to create a custom arrangement specially for her. I asked him about her style and personality, our unique floral consultant questions, and we gave our designer this description: “Dozen Premium Roses styled uniquely, saw our Artistic Premium Roses – creative, artistic, airy, unique and different – NOT traditional.”

Here is what we delivered:

Janeen Rose Arrangement

Janeen Rose Arrangement - Unique, Creative, Airy Custom arrangement - coming soon on our website!

To experience what Shayne and Janeen did, call us at 480-603-7673, or order your flowers online.


Tips to Make Those Blooms Last! May 4, 2011

Karin Crawford with Floral Tips

The flowers were delivered, and wow, they were gorgeous! It’s been a couple of days and you want to enjoy them as long as possible. Instead of saying, I wish they lasted longer, you can actually do something about it!

Many spring arrangements arrive in containers filled with floral foam and it is essential that this foam is not allowed to dry out. Add water daily to ensure your stems are always happily drinking.

For floral arrangements in vases with water and no foam, make sure the water stays clear – remember Karin’s favorite saying:  ‘If you don’t want to drink the water, neither do the flowers!’ Use the packet of floral food provided with your bouquet, follow the instructions, and change the water as needed. If you are out of floral foam, changing the water daily or every other day so it is clear will do the trick! If the water has already become cloudy, wach the vase out with anti-bactierial soap, and even lather up the soap on your hand and rub down the stems and wrinse off to remove the bactieria.

It’s the bacteria that will kill the flowers before time or anything else – except maybe sitting in the sun or heat too long! (Don’t leave your cut flower arrangement in direct sunlight!)

Stargazer Topiary in Floral Foam

Did your bouquet include hydrandrea?  Put the head of the flower in a bowl of water for an hour, then give the stem a sharp angular cut, and reinsert it into your arrangement to keep it hydrated, especially in our dry climate. Or you can mist it with a spray bottle. When ordering hydrangeas in your arrangements, make sure to order from a source that hydrates them properly, which is either a two- or three-step hydration process over a course of a few hours.

Soak Hydrangea Head in Water

Don’t do that with roses though! With roses, trim the outer petals as they die away, and cut the stem every couple of days.

Make sure you don’t allow the water to turn cloudy and use the floral food each time you change the water. This can add days, and sometimes weeks, to the length of your gorgeous blooms.

Also when ordering flowers, ask for a floral spray that helps hold in the moisture – we use Finishing Touch, by Floralife.

Here are more tips

Watch Master Florist Karin Crawford give great flower tips on Your Life A to Z and on God’!

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Cupid’s Return August 5, 2009

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Six months after Cupid sends his arrow through the hearts of lovers, he returns to double the pleasure! Why not take advantage of Cupid’s Return, and say ‘I love you’ when they least expect it? Imagine the return on your investment in your relationship. Imagine the love, the hugs, the joy, the excitement, the unexpected delight! Take advantage of our Cupid Return special – double the roses! Buy 3, get 3 free – Buy 6, get 6 free – Buy 12 – get 12 free!

Pink Rose Elegance

Pink Rose Elegance

Ever frustrated at the prices of roses going up at Valentine’s Day? It’s a simple supply and demand equation – roses are in very high demand, and supply is more limited because of roses’ growing seasons. August 14th, 6 months after Feb 14 th, finds the flower markets much more favorable for roses and rose prices. Roses in most of the world are blooming in their strong season in the summer, supplies are up, and demand is down, so prices follow. And so,  Cupid Returns!

Gods Garden Treasures Exclusive Rose Design

God's Garden Treasures' Exclusive Rose Design

Use coupon code: CupidsReturn on our website. Red roses and some colors available. For delivery in Phoenix area only, on August 12-14.

Late-breaking news! Heart-shaped Anthirium (in red, pinks, creams) and White Calla Lilies available to add into Cupid’s Return offerings this week! Limited Supply only.

Red Anthirium

Red Anthirium

White Calla Lilies

White Calla Lilies