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The story of how asparagus can take you far! April 20, 2013

Green Centerpiece - Kristi Murphy photo Lauren Conrad blog

Recently, Kristi Murphy, of SaucyPants fame, requested a floral arrangement for their photo shoot of a St. Patrick’s Day beer-tasting for a Lauren Conrad blog post. Since they were working at The Farm at South Mountain, I incorporated kale, asparagus, and rosemary along with green bells of ireland, white anemone, and other green and white flowers.

I decided to also create a second arrangement for Your Life A to Z as our weekly delivery for the show, including the asparagus, rosemary, kale, and green and white flowers. It just so happened that Gabe from Il Tocco, was one of the guest chef’s that week.

Fast forward to mid-April, and the Culinary Festival preparations. Gabe decided that it was either create a centerpiece for Best of Fest himself, or to cook the steak.  He remembered our creative food-inspired floral arrangement, and called us. And so we had the honor of creating Cream, green and veggie centerpiecethe centerpieces for him for the festival. We used Sahara roses, stock, hydrangea, two kinds of kale, rosemary, and yes, the asparagus, even adding in rutabagas and parsnips!

Moral of the story – let asparagus take you there! Or: Be yourself, be creative, be passionate, and the people who love what you love will find you!

I am so grateful, encouraged – Thank you for listening!


Green flowers… For St Patrick’s day and beyond March 15, 2013

Here are a few recent arrangements for your inspiration! The first 2 are available in our shop today as seen on Channel 3’s Your life A  to Z this week.


Bells of Ireland are manipulated into swirls, and Green Hydrangea and it’s own foliage provide the base. Pussy Willows with suspended ‘bells’ provide graceful height.


Green Hydrangea and Green Anthos Mums make a splash in a beautiful glass vase with swirled colors.

And at Old Main at Asu a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

Green hydrangea and hanging amaranthus provide a stunning base for purple orchids, tulips and other green and purple flowers. Photo by Jill Lauren Photography.

Green hydrangea and hanging amaranthus provide a stunning base for purple orchids, tulips and other green and purple flowers. Photo by Jill Lauren Photography.


Petals tip… Sending flowers to someone in the hospital February 20, 2013

Here are four quick tips for when you are sending get-well arrangements to someone in the hospital:


Tall Narrow Arrangement with long-lasting Orchids, Liatris and Fiddlehead Fern

Tall Narrow Arrangement with long-lasting Orchids, Liatris and Fiddlehead Fern

1. Stay away from highly fragrant flowers – strong fragrances can be difficult in a small room, and even if they like them, if they have a roommate, that person may not.

2.  The arrangement will have a bigger impact if it is one-sided. The flowers will likely be up against a wall, or sitting where the person who receives them will see only one side.

3. If they are in ICU, fresh flowers and plants will have to wait until they are in a regular room – your florist can deliver stuffed animals, balloons and/or a full-sized greeting card.

4. Think about their style and personality and ask for a design to be made that really fits who they are – they will feel so special!


More Floral Design Inspiration February 18, 2013

More Floral Design Inspiration

As we prepared for a client’s open house (a graphic and web design company), we encountered these round magnetic boards on their walls – they cried out to be played with for the event!

So grateful when clients let us play….


Inspiration from a balloon February 16, 2013

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Where does inspiration come from for you? Today for me it came from a balloon, a singing balloon.

Every time the catchy tribe played, I was inspired to do a little dance, felt encouraged to live up to it’s proclamation that ‘You’re unbelievable!’.

What did this inspire? The desire for everyone to feel that way when they walk into our space… And since we want an audible way to know someone has walked in when we are in the back… Why not play a short song phrase like that when the door opens?

Yes! Love it!

Now, does anyone know of a product like that, is do I have to invent it… ?


New goals about productivity or taking care of yourself? January 4, 2013

As we start a new year, many set goals, make resolutions, or select a word for the year to focus themselves. My word of the year: Leader. I am already turning the corner in leading my team differently and not just working ‘in’ the business. It feels great, and I’m getting good feedback.  I hope you are excited about this year and all it offers. I would love to hear what heart-changes you are experiencing, either on Facebook, Twitter, or here in the comments. It’s so great to encourage each other!

Many goals fall into two broader categories: effectiveness and personal care. We want to do better and be better. Take care of ourselves better, and take care of what’s within our responsibility. Finding support for continuing with our goals, and finding resources that make meeting our goals easier is one of the finest delights! Synergy in life is wonderful.

Simple Peonies

Simple Peonies

Here are two links that provides some resources and inspiration for you:

Flowers help morning moods.

Productive and Happy at Work

Even though I work with flowers all the time, I am still delighted and caught by surprise by how the sight of them makes me feel!

Florists are often the worst when it comes to actually enjoying the flowers ourselves – we think, ‘well, someone might want to buy them.’Or we just forget in the long lists of tasks to take care of.

One of my own new year’s resolutions is to have a single, amazing bloom on my desk all the time. I am worth it! And in this one, I am happy to apply my word of the year and lead by example. So feel free to ask my any time what flower is on my desk…


Finding Inspiration January 2, 2013

I have had a wonderful week with family in snowy West Virginia, and enjoyed re-connecting with three points of inspiration in my life. Thought I would share them with you:


1. This picture of garden roses – I was sharing pictures on my phone with my Mom, and as I came across the garden roses, I was reminded of why I do why I do: because flowers are so amazing! And I love the new varieties!


2. Trees and branches: Some people think they ate sticks, that they look dead. I love the endless shapes and forms that branches take as they grow. And seeing them in winter without leaves and with snow highlighting them is wonderful!

3. My 2-year old nephew! The warm, open heart of a child, so accepting, so curious and eager to learn is heart-changing.

So my next question to myself is: how do I get more of each in my life?

What inspires you, and what are you going to do to get more?