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Florists ‘midwife’ emotional connections. May 30, 2011

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I had the pleasure of experiencing the ministrations of a florist myself this week, and was reminded of the poignant role florists play.

My nephew was baptized yesterday, and I couldn’t be there. So last week, I found the florist in our florist network that I used before in that area. They had done a good job before, so I got on the phone with them. As I got to the card message, I choked up and got all emotional. A wave of sadness hit about not being able to be there.

It meant so much not only to me and my husband, and also to my other sister and her family who live overseas, to be able to send an expression of our heartfelt care, and to participate in the celebration from a distance. And I really appreciated the florist listening to the flower I wanted, and the overall style, and then putting something of their own creativity into the design. I also asked if they had a small stuffed animal or toy that he could play with.

In talking to family later in the day, I found out that they found a really nice smaller bear that was dark blue, and they designed it into the arrangement so it looked like a flower from a distance. And she commented when delivering it that ‘she REALLY wanted to be here’. That’s service! And I and my family are so grateful for it! It helped us to connect with each other in a way we couldn’t have otherwise.

And I found out later that not only were the flowers used during the reception after, as we had planned. They were put up front during the baptism, too! So we were represented well during the whole event! Yeah!