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Two Quick Ways to Feel Good at Work! July 24, 2013

Flowers on your desk; Office Flowers; Feel Good at WorkI recently came home from vacation, and was not excited about the stacks on my desk, left from before vacation, and that grew on their own while I was gone! My desk has been functional since we moved into our new location, and yet not an inspiring place to work.

So… yesterday I realized, ‘I don’t have any flowers on my desk’, like the proverbial cobbler whose kids have no shoes. Rectifying the situation, I picked out some pretty gladiolas that remind me of my Dad and Grandad.

It felt SO good to walk into my office, and to sit and work with flowers around!

So here are the two tips:

1. Treat yourself to flowers on your desk.

2. Treat your office to flowers in your break room. It will feel good to enjoy them yourself, and you will feel double good because you are sharing the joy with others!

Share your pictures of your flowers  with us!


New goals about productivity or taking care of yourself? January 4, 2013

As we start a new year, many set goals, make resolutions, or select a word for the year to focus themselves. My word of the year: Leader. I am already turning the corner in leading my team differently and not just working ‘in’ the business. It feels great, and I’m getting good feedback.  I hope you are excited about this year and all it offers. I would love to hear what heart-changes you are experiencing, either on Facebook, Twitter, or here in the comments. It’s so great to encourage each other!

Many goals fall into two broader categories: effectiveness and personal care. We want to do better and be better. Take care of ourselves better, and take care of what’s within our responsibility. Finding support for continuing with our goals, and finding resources that make meeting our goals easier is one of the finest delights! Synergy in life is wonderful.

Simple Peonies

Simple Peonies

Here are two links that provides some resources and inspiration for you:

Flowers help morning moods.

Productive and Happy at Work

Even though I work with flowers all the time, I am still delighted and caught by surprise by how the sight of them makes me feel!

Florists are often the worst when it comes to actually enjoying the flowers ourselves – we think, ‘well, someone might want to buy them.’Or we just forget in the long lists of tasks to take care of.

One of my own new year’s resolutions is to have a single, amazing bloom on my desk all the time. I am worth it! And in this one, I am happy to apply my word of the year and lead by example. So feel free to ask my any time what flower is on my desk…


Flowers – the Perfect Morning Pick-me-up November 16, 2010

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Skip the morning coffee – if you would like more happiness and smiles in the morning, bring home flowers to perk up your dresser, bathroom or kitchen.

“Research confirms that flowers might be the perfect pick-me-up for millions of Americans who do not consider themselves “morning people.” Participants of a behavioral study conducted by researchers at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital confirmed that they feel least positive in the early hours but reported being happier and more energetic after looking at flowers first thing in the morning.

Breakfast Flowers Gerbera Daisies

Invite flowers to join you in the morning. You'll be glad you did!

“The morning blahs, it turns out, is a real phenomenon, with positive moods – happiness, friendliness and warmth, for example – manifesting much later in the day,” says lead researcher Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D. “Interestingly, when we placed a small bouquet of flowers into their morning routines, people perked up.””

I have experienced this personally – for a long time, people would say ‘your home must be beautiful with all the flowers’. Alas, for florists, if we feel we can sell it, we leave it snug in the flower cooler at 40 degrees to grace someone else’s table. Like the shoemaker whose children have no shoes, we florists often live a flower-less existence at home.

Recently, I decided I didn’t have to put up with this, and started cutting more flowers from my yard, and bringing home arrangements from my shop, and I feel SO much better when I am in their presence.

So try it out yourself – see if the research is right. Pick up a Market bouquet of your favorite flowers at your local florist, or purchase a Flower of the Month club for yourself or someone else.

Wrapped Flower Bouquets for delivery in Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, AZ
Picking up the freshest, coolest flowers and bringing them home to your own vase is great therapy and a mood lifter.

Here is where you can read more about the research about people’s experience with flowers. To tell us about your experiences with flowers, come in to our shop in Tempe, or share your story on our facebook fanpage: