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It’s Christmas Time and That Means Poinsettia Season December 19, 2011

With the holidays quickly approaching, you’ve probably seen an increase in the presence of poinsettias around you. Whether they are in your local coffee shop, office building or church, poinsettias are a sign of the Christmas Season. Poinsettias are native to Mexico and Central America where they are called “Flores de Noche Buena” meaning Flowers of the Holy Night. The star shape of the leaves is said to represent the Star of Bethlehem and they are very popular and in high demand in florist shops come Christmas time. And our shop is no different!

But aren’t poinsettia’s toxic?

There is a very common misconception that poinsettias are toxic. This is absolutely untrue. In 1998 Ohio State University issued the results of a study that showed that poinsettias were not toxic to humans and animals. The study tested all parts of the plant including leaves and sap. In fact, POISINDEX, the national information center for poison control centers, states that a child would need to ingest somewhere around 500-600 leaves before they even exceed the doses that showed NO toxicity in the research. If you live in a household with curious little ones, keeping the poinsettia out of reach is the best precaution you can take.

Large Red Poinsettia in Tempe AZ, God's Garden Treasures

Large Red Poinsettia

So they aren’t toxic to humans, but what about pets?

Again, poinsettias are not toxic to animals as reported in the Ohio State University study. The ASPCA states on their website that while poinsettia’s may cause mouth and stomach irritation in pets, the actually toxicity is highly overrated. The irritation of the stomach could lead to vomiting but it is not deadly. If your pet does get into a poinsettia it is important to wash the sap off immediately to prevent further ingestion. Pet owners should contact a veterinarian if the sap gets into the eyes or if the symptoms don’t resolve within a few minutes.

White Poinsettia in Tempe AZ, God's Garden Treasures

White Poinsettia

What if I’m allergic to Latex?

As long as the poinsettia’s leaves are not broken and the plant is not damaged you should be fine. The poinsettia’s circulation system does contain latex which is only accessed when you break the leaves. The American Latex Allergy Association states that a person would have to have significant contact with the latex of poinsettia plant to develop an allergic reaction. A drop of latex from the plant that is easily wiped off would be unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. With that said, if you are allergic to latex, common sense precautions should be observed when handling poinsettias.

Hopefully debunking some of the common myths will put you at ease and even encourage you to place a poinsettia order at your local florist. We have several arrangement options available on our website for you to choose from. What better gift to bring your holiday hostess then a beautiful poinsettia arrangement. Happy Holidays!

Holiday Planter Basket in Tempe AZ, God's Garden TreasuresPoinsettia Arrangement

Visit our website for more tips and myth-busters about Poinsettias, and other tips! God’s Garden Treasures


4 Things to tell your Floral Designer when ordering your Holiday Flowers November 16, 2011

You are creating your shopping list for the scrumptious foods for the holidays, confirming family and friends who will attend, selecting the look of your table and entertaining area. Next on your list? Ordering the flowers to complete the setting! Flowers make people smile, bring a feeling of satisfaction and enhance creativity and conversation. Here are three things to consider and discuss as you are selecting the flowers for your special gathering:

Elegant Centerpiece featuring spray roses and striking Cobra Lilies

Elegant Centerpiece for a smaller or narrow table, featuring spray roses and striking Cobra Lilies

  1. The overall style and feel of the event – are you going for a trendy/modern look? Or do you want a more home-spun look with whimsical elements? Or an upscale/elegant feel that is still warm and inviting.
  2. The context for the flowers: the decor of the room(s) where people will be gathering, the size and shape of the table(s) where the flowers will be displayed (centerpiece or buffet, coffee table or kitchen bar), and the predominant colors in the space. Are you bringing in special decor accents or metallic items that should be considered?
  3. Your color scheme for the event – are you wanted more neutral tones, such as taupes, ivories, and soft peaches? Or are more bold colors such as pomegranate, cranberry and pumpkin more your style?
  4. Are you giving the flowers away? Or would you like to use your own vase or tureen for the container? Or would you like to select a special hand-blown vase or high-end footed bowl that would be rented for the event and then returned?

For help thinking through your holiday party, and the perfect floral arrangements, post your question for Lisa or Karin on our Facebook Page, or order a custom floral arrangement and we will call and consult with you before creating it. We are Floral Artists offering Concierge-Level services, such as color consultation, full-service delivery and setup, rental vases and containers for events and parties, and customization for an amazing ‘Wow!’ factor.

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Holiday Centerpieces: The Right Size for the Perfect Table November 12, 2011

You’ve planned the holiday meal, you’ve confirmed all of the relatives’ arrivals, you’ve coordinated the placesettings and colors… now you just need the perfect centerpiece to tie it all together. But, what proportion is the right choice for your table? You want the guests to be able to see each other, but you don’t want the arrangement(s) to get lost on the table. Here are some guidelines for choosing your centerpiece or table arrangements:

Contemporary Long Centerpiece featuring Orchids and Spider Mums

Contemporary Angular Centerpiece featuring Orchids and Spider Mumsthrough the whole table.

1. Size of the table: When using a single centerpiece, order one that is less than 1/3 of the length or diameter of the table. If you have expanded your table to a longer length, you might consider using more than one arrangement to bring color.

2. Shape of the table: The shape of your table can be mirrored in the shape of your arrangement if you prefer a symmetrical feel. If you want a more modern, edgy mood, then bring a different shape – for example, a rectangular arrangement on a round or oblong table, or a square arrangement on a round table.

Tablescape with Fall Orange Orchid and Succulent Florals with Candles

Tablescape with Fall Orange Orchid and Succulent Florals with Candles

3. Number of place settings: If you are working with a long/oblong table with many place settings, you may need multiple arrangements to balance the proportion of the table, while keeping the height low enough for guests to see over. Keep in mind that odd numbers of items are always more visually pleasing than even, so choose multiples of 3, 5, and 7.

4. Placement of the table vs. viewpoint of the arrangement(s): Is the arrangement going to be visible from all sides, and in most centerpieces? If so, make sure that you let your designer know. Arrangements for use on sideboards or serving tables, or tables pushed against a wall, have a limited vantage point and can be arranged accordingly so your feature flowers are displayed fully and not hidden..

Desert Fall-themed Tall Centerpiece with Roses and Pincushions

Desert Fall-themed Dramatic Centerpiece with Roses and Pincushions

5. Visual Impact: Would you like to take your guests’ breath away when they walk in the room? Or are you inviting people into a large space where there are many centers of activity for the day? Tall, dramatic centerpieces that feature the florals overhead draw the eye to the table with the visual impact, and yet allow guests to comfortably talk to each other across the table.

Once you understand these simple guidelines, choosing the perfect centerpiece is easy and fun! And of course, your floral designer is your perfect partner, supporting you with their wisdom, insight and knowledge of the styles and trends.

The next question is how to communicate everything to your floral designer so they ‘get’ it and support everything you want to accomplish. Check out our post coming soon: 4 Things to tell your Floral Designer when ordering your Holiday Flowers

Flowers are all about the feel – how do you feel? And they are meant to give you personal expression. Be creative in your color choices! Let your designer know the effect you are going for and let their creativity take you to a new dimension of you. Your guests will feel that the arrangement is really you as you express your preferences.

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