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Eight Tips for Hydrangeas in Bridal Party Bouquets in Arizona July 23, 2011

Hydrangeas are lovely, feminine, and very popular! Did you know they are also Divas in the flower world?

They prefer moister climates than ours, and don’t like the dry heat, which is why you don’t see them planted in people’s yards here.Garden Hydrangea In gardens, you find them all over the Mid-West and East Coast, and in the Northwest, where they grow profusely. That should give us a clue!

And hydrangea here in Arizona are Diva flowers, very temperamental, and like the ‘little girl with the curl’ in the Mother Goose nursery rhymes:

‘There once was a girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead, and when she was good, she was very, very good. But when she was bad, she was horrid.’Wilted Hydrangea Bloom

Here is what a wilted hydrangea looks like – very much not fun during a wedding!

So what’s a girl to do??!

1. Work with a florist if you really want hydrangea – ask if they use a two- or three-step hydration process for hydrangea.  Since hydrangea don’t grow here, they are shipped in boxes through the floral industry by air or overnight shipping, and so the stem end dries out.  Re-hydrating them properly is critical. And also conditioning them and treating them to hold in the moisture is also critical. Ask them if they know about these steps.

2. Keep the hydrangea cool and in clear water as much as possible: ie. have your wedding at a cool time of year and time of day, or if your wedding is in warmer months, have an indoor ceremony, don’t take lots of outdoor pictures, etc.

Blue Hydrangea and Chocolate Dahlia Bride's Bouquet

Blue Hydrangea and Chocolate Dahlia Bride's Bouquet

3. Schedule your photography so that most of the pictures are taken as close to the ceremony as possible, or even after the ceremony, so your walk down the aisle is guaranteed a stress-free, dew-dropped look of the fresh hydrangea.

4. Think through how important hydrangeas are compared to timing of photography, venue, time of year, etc. If the hydrangeas are the most important, be willing to shift some of the other aspects to accommodate them. Remember, they are divas! 🙂

5. Ask your florist to create the bouquets with the temperature and your timing of photography in mind. See if they have the bouquet holders with wicks, or select a hand-tied style and keep them in vases of water until the last second, returning them to vases for the reception.

Hydrangea and mixed flower Bride's bouquet

Hydrangea and mixed flower Bride's bouquet

6. Also ask your florist about other flowers that give you the same or similar feel and look that might work better with your circumstances. If it’s more about the timing, and not a hot time of year, stock is a great alternative.

7. For extra security, appoint a ‘Diva Hydrangea rescue person’. Have one of your close friends or family trained in re-hydrating the hydrangea, should something happen between the ceremony and reception, and make sure they know where a sink and a refrigerator are at the venue.

8. Select style where the hydrangea is tucked in among other flowers, and supported by a collar of foliage or other supportive botanical or florals.

With the proper precautions and expectations, hydrangea can be a lovely flower for weddings.  They do wonderfully in centerpieces with a water source at the reception, especially indoors or at cool times of the year. And there are many other flowers that complement them well and a few that can give a similar look. Selecting hydrangea means working a little harder and being strategic, partnering with your florist, and being ready for anything!

I hope these tips have helped. Please feel free to contact us any time at or 480-603-7673 with other tips, questions or concerns.

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Flowers in the Heat Part 3 – Treat them like your children June 7, 2011

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What I mean here is to use common sense with flowers, like you do with your children. For example, when it’s hot out, don’t leave the flowers in your car without the air conditioning.



Keep your flowers in a  temperature comfortable for you. In the rest of the year, we’re not concerned with flowers being in the temperature of our home. Here in Phoenix, most of us have air conditioning and keep our homes a moderate temperature. So when you’re comfortable your flowers will be too.

If you turn the ac to a much hotter temperature when you leave, you may have some issues, of course. Your options are to ask your florist for a shorter arrangement that can easily fit in your refrigerator, to place your bouquet in the coolest room in the house while you are gone, to ask for or purchase flower varieties that handle the heat better (the subject of another blog post), or to keep your house cooler when you have flowers in the house.

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Flowers in the heat – Part 2 – Cut flowers in direct sunlight June 5, 2011

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We get asked from time to time: ‘Should flowers be in direct sunlight?’

Cut flowers don’t need direct sunlight like plants do. Actually, they do much better without the direct heat of the sunlight. The one exception is if the flowers are very tight and you want them to open more quickly, like for a party, where the look of the moment is more important than how long they last.

The heat of the direct sun will cause the flowers to open and mature more quickly.

If you are displaying flowers in sunlight that is unavoidable, make sure they have plenty of water. And if it’s for an event, you could put ice in the water and keep them cooler. They will like that!

Enjoy your flowers this summer! Don’t let the heat stop you from brightening your home or event with their beauty and joy. Let us know what other questions you have, too.

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Fresh Flowers in the Heat – Part 1 May 16, 2011

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The heat has arrived in Phoenix, and many people think that they have to avoid flowers in the heat of the summer. We’re here to help you with tips over the next few weeks for how to enjoy flowers even in the heat of summer!

Today’s tip is to select flowers with waxy surfaces. The waxy surface helps hold the moisture in the flower, so it lasts longer and has more staying power.

Some examples:

Flowers that hold up well in the heat

  from Calla Lilies

  to Asiatic Lilies (non-fragrant) and Oriental Lilies (highly, sweetly fragrant)

  to Orchids (most of them, except the Phaleanopsis Orchid as a cut flower)

  to Bird of Paradise and all the tropical flowers

  to Spider Mums

  these flowers will take care of you and make you look fabulous!

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Four Tips for Flowers in the heat June 30, 2009

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Here are some ideas for flowers at events in the heat:

1. use tropical flowers – with their waxy surface, they hold up well in the heat. And though they are a bit more costly per stem, even just a few stems artistically arranged by your floral artist make a big impact.

Pincusion Protea from Down Under are stunning combined with purples!

2. if the event is outside, ice down the water – add ice cubes to the water just as you are putting the flowers out. They like a cool drink just as much as we do!

3. if the event is outside, put them out last minute, and in the shade!

4. Use mums, daisies (gerberas don’t care for the heat so much, though) or talk to your floral artist about the flowers best suited for the style and heat of your event!

More tips for flowers in the heat.