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Cool ways Ti Leaves were used at Arts and Flowers April 29, 2012

Arts and Flowers at the Phoenix Art Museum is one of the highlights of my year! One thing that is fascinating is to see the creative uses of so many different flowers and foliages.

This year, I was struck with how many different ways the floral designers used ti leaves.

From the very classic use of them as a base and structure, as in this arrangement by Don Storrs:


To an amazingly intricate creation of a buffalo, entirely out of black to leaves, by Nicole Richardson:


The variety is endless, and they are very versatile.

I used them to represent the robes of women watching from the top of the house:



Below, the ti leaves are used to mimic fabric, on this arrangement by Deanna Beachler and Tracy Krznarich:

And in this arrangement created by Lisa Allen, the ti leaves are rolled to create a sense of movement:


It’s time for Arts and Flowers again! April 4, 2012

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Arts and Flowers is always a highlight of my year.  For the 6th year, I will be joining 40-50 other floral designers, Ikebana and Garden Club members in creating floral art inspired by a piece of art from the permanent collection.

2012 Arts and Flowers - You are invited!

2012 Arts and Flowers - You are invited!

The Phoenix Art Museum League invites floral designers to select a piece of artwork (or if you are brace, have it selected for you, like I did last year!). This piece of art becomes the inspiration for the floral art. There are so many creative floral artists in our valley, that both the creation of my own piece, as well as enjoying other’s floral art are both so enjoyable! The staff at the Phoenix Art Museum do a great job of coordinating and supporting this event, too.

Karin's 2011 Floral Art inspired by Arcos de Geso by Manuel Neri

Arts and Flowers - Karin's 2011 Floral Art inspired by Arcos de Geso by Manuel Neri


There are a variety of events during the weekend of April 12th to the 15th. Most of the events are included in the price of the regular Art Museum admission. Click here for all Arts and Flowers details, and come join us! You can vote for your favorite piece, and enjoy a beautiful, enjoyable, creativity-inspiring time! Click here to view the 2011 Florists’ Gallery to get inspired by last year’s pieces.