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The story of how asparagus can take you far! April 20, 2013

Green Centerpiece - Kristi Murphy photo Lauren Conrad blog

Recently, Kristi Murphy, of SaucyPants fame, requested a floral arrangement for their photo shoot of a St. Patrick’s Day beer-tasting for a Lauren Conrad blog post. Since they were working at The Farm at South Mountain, I incorporated kale, asparagus, and rosemary along with green bells of ireland, white anemone, and other green and white flowers.

I decided to also create a second arrangement for Your Life A to Z as our weekly delivery for the show, including the asparagus, rosemary, kale, and green and white flowers. It just so happened that Gabe from Il Tocco, was one of the guest chef’s that week.

Fast forward to mid-April, and the Culinary Festival preparations. Gabe decided that it was either create a centerpiece for Best of Fest himself, or to cook the steak.  He remembered our creative food-inspired floral arrangement, and called us. And so we had the honor of creating Cream, green and veggie centerpiecethe centerpieces for him for the festival. We used Sahara roses, stock, hydrangea, two kinds of kale, rosemary, and yes, the asparagus, even adding in rutabagas and parsnips!

Moral of the story – let asparagus take you there! Or: Be yourself, be creative, be passionate, and the people who love what you love will find you!

I am so grateful, encouraged – Thank you for listening!


More Floral Design Inspiration February 18, 2013

More Floral Design Inspiration

As we prepared for a client’s open house (a graphic and web design company), we encountered these round magnetic boards on their walls – they cried out to be played with for the event!

So grateful when clients let us play….


The story behind the flowers September 19, 2012

The event: Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce networking event
The venue: the new Cityscape Hotel Palomar
The Palomar has a clean, modern aesthetic, and their overall design theme is ‘Art in Motion’

Centerpieces were requested for low cocktail tables with black linens.
Here are the pieces we created, 10 tables requested, and inky 8 were set up, so they also got podium flowers and registration flowers!






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The stories behind today’s custom bouquets! August 29, 2012

So he calls in, she is headed to Hawaii, he is a friend and wants to ‘pop in’ and wish her a good trip. She likes mums, and is earthy.

Here is the arrangement she is receiving today:

Earthy Mums with Purple Smokebush in Ceramic

Earthy Mums with Purple Smokebush in Ceramic

Another story:

Mom calls us, it’s her daughter’s birthday. The daughter works for a cement artist, and loves tulips. Tulips are a bit tough to get this time of year, so fortunately she calls ahead and we can order them and get them in. She wants something artistic and creative. She saw our ‘Sculptural Joy’ arrangement, and asked if we could create it in tulips. We agreed on a budget and this is what we are delivering today:

Sculptural Tulips

Sculptural Tulips

So fun to provide creative Floral Art!


Cool ways Ti Leaves were used at Arts and Flowers April 29, 2012

Arts and Flowers at the Phoenix Art Museum is one of the highlights of my year! One thing that is fascinating is to see the creative uses of so many different flowers and foliages.

This year, I was struck with how many different ways the floral designers used ti leaves.

From the very classic use of them as a base and structure, as in this arrangement by Don Storrs:


To an amazingly intricate creation of a buffalo, entirely out of black to leaves, by Nicole Richardson:


The variety is endless, and they are very versatile.

I used them to represent the robes of women watching from the top of the house:



Below, the ti leaves are used to mimic fabric, on this arrangement by Deanna Beachler and Tracy Krznarich:

And in this arrangement created by Lisa Allen, the ti leaves are rolled to create a sense of movement:


Where does floral inspiration come from? February 1, 2012

Garden Mannequin with Vinca Vine

Garden Mannequin with Vinca Vine

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere ! Fashion, hobbies, themes, seasons… When you have a creative streak, you pick a context and a starting point. Mix in at least a few of the artistic principles such as color, form, line, movement, texture, focal point, etc, and you have a winning start to great design!

Here are a few links to other fashion-inspired floral arrangements from some of my floral friends in the Arizona State Florist Association:

Literal creation

Floral Outfit, anyone?

Stunning! Now what event to wear it to?

What are your inspirations?