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The story of how asparagus can take you far! April 20, 2013

Green Centerpiece - Kristi Murphy photo Lauren Conrad blog

Recently, Kristi Murphy, of SaucyPants fame, requested a floral arrangement for their photo shoot of a St. Patrick’s Day beer-tasting for a Lauren Conrad blog post. Since they were working at The Farm at South Mountain, I incorporated kale, asparagus, and rosemary along with green bells of ireland, white anemone, and other green and white flowers.

I decided to also create a second arrangement for Your Life A to Z as our weekly delivery for the show, including the asparagus, rosemary, kale, and green and white flowers. It just so happened that Gabe from Il Tocco, was one of the guest chef’s that week.

Fast forward to mid-April, and the Culinary Festival preparations. Gabe decided that it was either create a centerpiece for Best of Fest himself, or to cook the steak.  He remembered our creative food-inspired floral arrangement, and called us. And so we had the honor of creating Cream, green and veggie centerpiecethe centerpieces for him for the festival. We used Sahara roses, stock, hydrangea, two kinds of kale, rosemary, and yes, the asparagus, even adding in rutabagas and parsnips!

Moral of the story – let asparagus take you there! Or: Be yourself, be creative, be passionate, and the people who love what you love will find you!

I am so grateful, encouraged – Thank you for listening!


Recycling Florist-Style OR Clean out your Cupboards and get Flowers! August 11, 2009

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We all want to support our planet and be responsible people! And we all want to clear the clutter in our lives! And guys, maybe you want to stretch your budget.

God’s Garden Treasures has set up a program to work on both at once. Why not clear out that cabinet full of vases, baskets and ceramic/planters that you never use, box them up and bring them to our shop (or call us and we will pick them up for our normal delivery fee). We will price the containers at the value of what we would spend at our suppliers for those same vases.

Trade them in for credit for a future purchase, fresh flowers to take home that day, or select a gift vase, piece of jewelry, or other gift item in return. Treat yourself by cleaning up and giving yourself a nice treat!

Another way that this benefits everyone is that we are not purchasing as many new vases.  And of course we wash and bleach them so when they go out they are clean for the next person.


Eco-Friendly Floral Containers June 23, 2009

Did you know that there are eco-friendly containers for floral arrangements? They are great for personal gifts, event and wedding centerpieces, wedding ceremony flowers or almost any floral design!

Lilies and Roses in Recreations PotCircle of Life - Recreations pot sm

Lilies and Roses in Recreations Pot and Fall Buffet Piece
New Years Recreations Floral Design

New Years Recreations Floral Design

Made with recycled paper, each ReCreations container is infused with ingredients from the earth, from pale flecks of Field Straw to richly textured Natural Bark to the verdant hues of Fresh Basil. The result is a collection that is strikingly beautiful.”  Click here to see the supplier’s website.

They are fully watertight, come in three colors and the creativity for using them is endless!