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Five Wedding Flower Trends October 19, 2010

There are five wedding trends that brides and wedding industry professionals will want to pay attention to.  I will highlight them here, and in the next couple weeks write a post on each of the trends to go into more detail.

The soft, ruffly look of Peonies:

o        In addition to their romance, Peonies are also wonderfully fragrant. Many people who live here grew up in the Midwest, where they are easy to grow in the garden, so they also have a nostalgic feel for them. The styles and combinations with other textures and the presentation bring them into a modern look.

Pink Peony and Ranunculus Bride's Bouquet

Succulents are starting to be more and more popular

o        Incorporating succulents in the bouquets, centerpieces or other floral arrangements is a great way to embrace living here in the desert while still staying with your main color and style theme.

Accent Decor Blog - Succulent Centerpiece

Chocolates have been popular for the last couple years and are still holding brides’ interest.

o        Many people still don’t realize that there are amazing flowers in a deep, dark chocolate, like Schwarzwalder calla lilies, chocolate dahlias and chocolate cosmos.


Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate Calla Lilies

Luscious Chocolate Dahlias and Spunky Green Spider Mums


o        Because outdoor weddings are so popular here in Arizona, and also at sunset, candles are very popular – they bring romance, and on the practical side, allow guests to see while keeping the lights dimmed. Tablescapes and floating candles are both very trendy right now.


Tablescape of Candles and Natural Elements

Monochromatic arrangements – especially in whites and ivories, or purples.

o        Selecting flowers in shades of all one color is an important trend. Instead of matching a particular shade of a color, incorporating flowers of all different shades is a luxurious, exquisite look.

o        Right now, all whites and ivories are very vogue. And purples of all shades – eggplants to grape tones are also popular.

Hydrangea, Ranunculus and Rose Bridal Bouquets

Our next five posts will go into more depth on each trend, with ideas and more pictures!

Thank you to Justine Miller, Accent Decor, and Melissa Jill for their amazing photography and inspiration.

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