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Tulips have gotten a bad rap…. April 24, 2013

People give tulips a bad rap, that they don’t last long. Well, here are three vases: on the right are the ones we got in yesterday, notice the yellow ones leaning over. They were laying in a box and tried to pick up their little heads.


The ones in the middle are from last Monday. They were cut a bit shorter and are still perky.

The ones on the left are from two weeks ago. See how they are very open? They open like this as they mature and then drop their petals.

Thought you would like to know!


Petals tip… Sending flowers to someone in the hospital February 20, 2013

Here are four quick tips for when you are sending get-well arrangements to someone in the hospital:


Tall Narrow Arrangement with long-lasting Orchids, Liatris and Fiddlehead Fern

Tall Narrow Arrangement with long-lasting Orchids, Liatris and Fiddlehead Fern

1. Stay away from highly fragrant flowers – strong fragrances can be difficult in a small room, and even if they like them, if they have a roommate, that person may not.

2.  The arrangement will have a bigger impact if it is one-sided. The flowers will likely be up against a wall, or sitting where the person who receives them will see only one side.

3. If they are in ICU, fresh flowers and plants will have to wait until they are in a regular room – your florist can deliver stuffed animals, balloons and/or a full-sized greeting card.

4. Think about their style and personality and ask for a design to be made that really fits who they are – they will feel so special!


The stories behind today’s custom bouquets! August 29, 2012

So he calls in, she is headed to Hawaii, he is a friend and wants to ‘pop in’ and wish her a good trip. She likes mums, and is earthy.

Here is the arrangement she is receiving today:

Earthy Mums with Purple Smokebush in Ceramic

Earthy Mums with Purple Smokebush in Ceramic

Another story:

Mom calls us, it’s her daughter’s birthday. The daughter works for a cement artist, and loves tulips. Tulips are a bit tough to get this time of year, so fortunately she calls ahead and we can order them and get them in. She wants something artistic and creative. She saw our ‘Sculptural Joy’ arrangement, and asked if we could create it in tulips. We agreed on a budget and this is what we are delivering today:

Sculptural Tulips

Sculptural Tulips

So fun to provide creative Floral Art!


Three Tips for Sympathy Flowers sent to the home August 24, 2012

1. Send to the home?

If you did not have a close relationship to the deceased or if there is a possibility that the flowers would not arrive to the services in time, sending arrangements to the home of the surviving relative is completely appropriate.  In fact, it is appropriate to send flowers up to four weeks after the deceased’s passing, or even beyond that on special occasions where you would like to support the remaining family members (such as their anniversary, special holidays, any time that the remaining family members might be more emotional or missing them more.

2. Scale and Size:

When selecting arrangements for the home, look for medium or small scale arrangements in ceramic, vases, or pots, unless you know the home is quite spacious, and then larger designs can be appropriate. These could be smaller scale versions of arrangements used in the services or any arrangement of your choosing.

Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum

Peace Lilies are very popular to send to the home, or to the service due to being lovely and easy-to-care for.

3. Style and Design:

The big difference for sympathy arrangements delivered to the home, is that most likely you will want a style that is all-around rather then the one-sided designs that fit the front of the ceremony better.


Lilacs and other soft textures are the perfect way to celebrate a feminine lady!

Plants are also perfectly acceptable to send to surviving family members.  Plants or flowers that have their own water sources or are easy to care for are always a good choice considering how busy the family is during that time. Having their own water source allows family to attend to the funeral arrangements and not worry about keeping up with their flower arrangements.

Succulent Garden as a Sympathy Gift

Succulents make a wonderful gift at a time of loss. They are low maintenance, and easy to care for.

For the home, a dining table centerpiece is wonderful if many people are gathering, or a coffee table arrangement can bring your support into family gatherings.

Every situation is unique and God’s Garden Treasures is here to help you in deciding what arrangements to send and where to send them.  Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions that you might have. As your Floral Concierge, we have a Floral Consultant ready to assist you in making a selection that fits the person, the home and the family.


Lilacs for Mother’s Day! May 4, 2012

Announcement! Fragrant Lilacs are on the way!

Fragrance is one of the amazing gifts God gives us through flowers. And lilacs are one of the most amazing, and yet elusive. It is very seasonal, ie, the best is not grown in a hothouse, and is subject to the vagaries of the weather.

Wholesale Lilac Flowers

Wholesale Lilac Flowers

One of my floral suppliers just reported on their blog:  ‘Every now and then the planets align just right to allow something special happen and that is the situation that we have found ourselves in for this Mother’s Day holiday. Lilac is such a beautiful flower and I was just informed by our purchasing team that this is the best they have seen in years and it is currently being fresh cut for Mother’s Day!’

The lilacs we have been seeing so far this spring have been small, expensive and not as fragrant. We have brought it in on request, because that is what we do. And you bet, we are getting these lilacs in, as soon as they are in! 

Now we will be able to create our ‘Vintage Chic’ bouquet with lilacs and hydrangea the way we really would like to!(At least with the flowers – we are out of the container, sadly… and have other really cool vases in, to. See… we are really honest, let people know about substitutions… 🙂

Vintage Chic Lilac and Hydrangea Garden-style Floral Arrangement

Vintage Chic Lilac and Hydrangea Garden-style Floral Arrangement

And fun blog world happening – I saw the tweet from @Mayesh, followed the link to the blog, called my local rep, who hadn’t heard about them yet, placed an order for when they DO come in. Stay tuned on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for an update for when they are in our shop. And yes, the purple text is intentionally in honor of the lilacs. Enjoy!


Fun, creative birthday gift! March 14, 2012


What fun it is to make someone’s day, and even more fun to do it with friends!

In preparing a group gift for Rena, our business mentor, inspiration and friend’s birthday, Georganne and Mary Glen picked out beach-themes gifts from Frances, the Modern Boutique with Vintage Charm. They sent me this picture via text:


And I created this floral arrangement from textures inspired by the gardens near California beaches, and colors inspired by the gifts:


And Rena was delighted and thrilled!


And delicious cupcakes were enjoyed by all, from Urban Cookies.

To utilize our creativity for your next flower gift, start here, then call, text, or email us your inspiration ideas.


Want to ‘Wow’ her? Follow this advice! February 24, 2012

Yesterday, we delivered an arrangement by noon, and before the end of the day, got this response back. Shayne gave us permission to share it. His situation is so much like many others. We want the world to know that you have options when it comes to flowers! Here goes his email to us:

“Good Afternoon!  Just wanted to thank you and your staff for blowing my wife away.  I usually get a “Thank you for the flowers” after she receives the flowers, just to let me know that she got them.  And in the case of Valentine’s Day the second call was 3 days later saying that the flowers were wilted and brown on the edges.

“Today you guys rocked……  She called today after your very prompt delivery and her words, “Wow they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!”.  The second call today mind you, “Everyone loves the roses, they are saying that she is so spoiled and of course, where did he get such lovely roses?”  Of course, she is sharing your information with all of her co-workers.

“I must admit your attention to detail and customer service blew me away.  I have been sending roses to my wife for about 10 years now.  I have run the gambit, 1-800-Flowers, Teleflora and FTD.  A coworker of mine suggested calling a local company this time, and boy was she right about that you now have a repeat customer.  Yesterday was the first time I had ever heard from the flower company. 

“Usually I like to not only impress my wife with the roses but also her coworkers.  In the past I have always ordered flowers to be delivered the day before an occasion so that she can enjoy them all day.  The day before Valentine’s Day her coworkers go home to their significant and I quote, “ Janeen got her roses today what are you getting me?”

“Most of the time I am content with hitting a home run with the Roses that she receives.  This time you and your team hit a walk-off Grand Slam in the bottom of the ninth to with the game.”

 Thanks so very much,

 Shayne P.

And later in the evening: ” My wife showed me pictures of the arrangement, no wonder all the office was in awe.  I’ve never seen roses like that, you made her day.”

What happened: He placed an order online for our Artistic Premium Roses. When we received the order in our shop, I called him and asked him what he liked about it. He said he was looking for something different and striking, and that she loves roses. I asked him if he would like us to create a custom arrangement specially for her. I asked him about her style and personality, our unique floral consultant questions, and we gave our designer this description: “Dozen Premium Roses styled uniquely, saw our Artistic Premium Roses – creative, artistic, airy, unique and different – NOT traditional.”

Here is what we delivered:

Janeen Rose Arrangement

Janeen Rose Arrangement - Unique, Creative, Airy Custom arrangement - coming soon on our website!

To experience what Shayne and Janeen did, call us at 480-603-7673, or order your flowers online.