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Budgeting and Deposits for Wedding Flowers August 25, 2012

BouquetsYou’ve had your consultation.

You know what flowers you want.

You know how and when to order them.

But how much should you expect to spend and when should you have your deposits in?

Right now the current national industry standard is to budget about 8-15% of the entire wedding budget for flowers (all expenses, not just the venue).  With that said, let’s touch on price fluctuations with flowers as you will need to adjust your budget or your order based on this information.

Some flowers have steady pricing throughout the year, and other flower prices can fluctuate from 30-40%, up to 50-200%. For example: Red roses at Valentine’s day (high demand, but not the prime growing season for roses) can run 2-3 times what they are the rest of the year.  Mother’s Day weddings also will see a premium upgrade for the floral designs and delivery services.

Peonies out-of-season are typically at least twice as expensive. Also, when thinking about flowers that are in season, remember that it depends on the growing season, not colors for the season. For example, in the fall, orange roses and almost anything else orange is actually a higher price because there is so much demand. On the other hand, tulips are very plentiful in the spring and prices come down significantly.

Remember that there are some seasons during the year where specific flowers either just aren’t available or are very, very pricey and must be pre-ordered well in advance.bridesmaid bouquet For example, tulips in July, August, or September are available in a limited supply and are much more expensive. Daffodils are just not available at all except a short season in the winter and early spring, at least here in Phoenix. 

Also, where you are located in the country greatly affects availability and cost as well. If you are closer to the area where your favorite flower is grown, the prices will be better. And as is typical with our other selections, we always seem to want the exotic for our area – for example, hydrangeas can be seen as a very common flower in the Northeast or Midwest where it grows in many gardens. Here in Phoenix, it is in high demand because we never see it in the landscape.

It is common for most florists to ask for one-quarter to one-half of the price as a deposit.  At God’s Garden Treasures we require one-third of the complete package for the full deposit. We also offer a hold-the-date deposit for brides who know they want to use us and still are working to make final decisions about their package style. This allows us to release all the information and photos we have gathered, so that they can utilize this in their final decision-making.

Planning a wedding can be stressful for brides, fiancés, and family members. Let use help take away some of that stress and provide you with quality flowers and outstanding customer service. Call us today to schedule your wedding flower consultation.

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Tips and Guidelines for Wedding Flower Budgets December 1, 2011

You’re planning for your big day, and you are working on your budget. How much should you set aside for flowers?

Here are tips from our experience and general industry wisdom:

  1. Work with a Wedding Planner. They are organized, often have sample budgets you can start from, and not only will help you set the budget, they will also help you stay in the budget. Many vendors provide preferential pricing for clients of wedding planners as well.Peonies Callas Hydrangeas Wedding Flowers
  2. The national average for wedding flowers is from 8-15% of your total wedding budget, depending on where flowers and decor fall in your priorities.
  3. For many years, florists have followed the guideline that a good rule of thumb was to consider that 1/3 of your budget will go to the bridal party and personal flowers, 1/3 for the ceremony decor and 1/3 for reception decor and centerpieces.  A new trend when on a tighter budget and still wanting flowers throughout the wedding is to ask your florist to creatively re-purpose the ceremony decor to the reception, or planning for the centerpieces and then planning out how to decorate the ceremony with them. Some brides choose to not drop the amount they spend on flowers when doing this, instead they are spending a larger amount on fewer arrangements for a larger wow factor. When going with this second option, it is helpful to remember to build in an extra fee to hire the wedding florist to stay through the ceremony and move the flowers to the reception so that your family and friends can really enjoy and celebrate with you, be in the pictures, etc.
  4. To know whether you want to adjust the average, be towards the lower percent or higher, consider these factors: How much personalizing does your venue require or do you desire? Do you want to be awash in color and texture, or are you looking for a pop of color here and there? Are you looking for a rich Hollywood look with lavish bouquets? Does your theme lead you to more simple or more lush floral designs? Do your favorite flowers include peonies, hydrangea, calla lilies, stephanotis, or tropical flowers, which tend to fall in the higher price range per stem?

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Using Ceremony Flowers as Reception Decor December 23, 2010

A great cost-effective strategy for weddings is to utilize your ceremony decor and transferring it into your reception area.  Here is an example from Jenna and Sean’s wedding at Foothills Golf Club.

They had two large arrangements at the altar which were later moved into the reception space, placed behind their head table. The bridal bouquet was also on display on the head table, which is another great way to maximize your floral budget.

They also used wax candle vessels to line their ceremony aisle, which were later used on the guest tables at their reception.

The bride’s toss bouquet was displayed on the cake table along with rose petals. Another option is to display the bridesmaids’ bouquets on the cake table as well.

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Wedding Flowers at the Sanctuary Resort at Camelback December 10, 2010

Jen and Jeff’s wedding was a true delight to participate in! We enjoyed working with Jen’s Mother, Debbie, and creating a lush, yet simple, elegant wedding that fit the look they desired.

Ceremony Floral at The Sanctuary Resort Scottsdale

At first, they were going to purchase stands for the aisle and use them in their garden. Then, in having challenges finding exactly what they wanted, we offered to assist. We found the perfect rentals for them that fit their budget, and picked up the stands, brought them to the wedding when we delivered and set up the other florals, and then returned them, so it was stress-free on their end.

Wedding Ceremony at the Sanctuary Resort Scottsdale

After setting up all the florals for the ceremony and cocktail hour, pinning on boutonnieres, and distributing the bridal party bouquets and corsages for the Mothers and God Mothers, we waited through the ceremony and then re-purposed the decor for the reception. The glass pieces in the metal stands became reception centerpieces, and we moved the floral arrangements from the front of the ceremony to sit on either side of the cake.

Large, lush floral arrangements on fabric-wrapped pillars are re-purposed for a focal point at the wedding reception.

Large, lush floral arrangements on fabric-wrapped pillars are re-purposed for a focal point at the wedding reception.


Artistic view of the wedding cake and wedding flowers at The Sanctuary.

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List of Cost-effective to High-end Flowers for Weddings November 30, 2010

This is a basic list of flower types grouped by general pricing, to help brides not get their heart set on pricey flowers when they are on a very basic budget, or vice-versa! Please note that pricing is variable depending on the time of year.  And this pricing is based on dependable wholesalers who can be counted on to be able to get quality florals  for our brides.

The price of the bouquet is also dependent on how many stems are needed to fill out the space. Hydrangeas tend to be a much larger bloom, so you only need a few to fill the same bouquet compared to a smaller flower like a freesia or ranunculus.

High-end Flowers

Set A: Very High End
Peonies (except for a few weeks in the summer when they are in season)
Lily of the Valley
Phaeleanopsis Orchids
Antique, Pink and Purple Hydrangea

Set B: Moderate High end – $15 per stem
Calla Lilies
Oriental Lilies including Stargazer

Set C: Wedding must purchase whole box
Gardenia (3 large or 20 small per box)
Stephanotis (25 per box)

Mid-range-priced Flowers

White and Blue Hydrangea
Ranunculus and Tulips in Fall/Winter
Spray Roses
Roses (can be cost-effective if using a lot of them and if on special)
Dendrobium Orchids
Hybrid Delphinium
Gerbera Daisies (color guaranteed)
Carnations – True Purple/Lavender
Birds of Paradise
Crespedia (Billy Balls)
Bearded Iris (in season in spring only)
Lavender – Fresh
Ornithalgum – Star of Bethlehem
Chocolate Cosmos
Green Dianthus
Asiatic Lilies

Cost Effective Flowers

Ranunculus and Tulips in the spring
Button Mums
Spider Mums
Delphinium – standard (shorter)
White and yellow standard Daisies
Bells of Ireland
Gerbera Daisies in a mixed color box (we can get on special – can’t guarantee colors)
Carnations, except the true purple/lavender
Safari Sunset
Lavender – Dried
Queen Anne’s Lace
Phlox (in season)
Wax Flower
Babies’ Breath

We are committed to assisting you in making the best decision for the look you want and where you are happy with the cost as well.


Three Tips for Maximizing Your Wedding Budget September 21, 2010

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So you are planning your big day,  and want to make your budget go as far as you can? Here are my top ways to maximize your budget!

Turn to Seasonal Flowers

Re-Purpose Decor

Rent instead of Purchasing

1. Be open to seasonal flowers. The most expensive flowers are often the most popular.  Orchids, Peonies, Calla Lilies, and Hydrangea for example. Instead of having all your wedding party in completely created with a very expensive flower, and ceremony decor and reception centerpieces, create focal points with them and have your florist bring in seasonal flowers around them, or in places where it is the style, feel and color rather than the specific flower that is important. For example, with Calla Lilies, tulips are a great seasonal flower to use.  For Peonies, consider including Ranunculus and soft, open Roses are great! There are also Garden Roses and David Austin Roses that substitute well.

Seasonal Orange Flowers and Chocolate Cosmos

Seasonal Orange Flowers and Chocolate Cosmos

Bride's Bouquet of seasonal pinks, oranges, purples and greens

Bride's Bouquet of seasonal pinks, oranges, purples and greens

2. Utilize your ceremony decor at the reception, or vice versa. Take a garland for a ceremony arch and use it again across the head table. Creatively use the Bride’s and Bridesmaids’ bouquets either on the head table, Gift Table, or Cake Table. Or use the centerpieces for the reception and line the ceremony aisle with them, just for a few. Here is one example:

Firesky Ceremony with tall Vases

FireSky Ceremony Decor

Firesky Ceremony Backdrop

Firesky Ceremony Backdrop

FireSky Wedding Reception

FireSky Wedding Reception

3. Instead of purchasing containers, vases, even candles, inquire about rentals. Instead of spending hours and hours hunting for bargain vases that you just have to figure out what to do with at the end of the night, use rental vases and containers. If you are wanting elegant candles, there are wax candle holders that can be rented and have an inexpensive votive placed inside.  Spend your money on the flowers and get a more expensive look on a smaller budget. And sometimes for what you would spend on a purchased vase, you can rent a vase that is much larger or more elaborate. The vases in the pictures above include our rental vases.

Click here for more ideas for your wedding flowers, and share with us on our Facebook page your creative ideas for maximizing your flower budget.


7 Questions to Ask a Florist When Planning Wedding Flowers June 15, 2010

So you have your venue and date for your wedding, and your next step is decor and flowers. What questions should you ask when you meet with a wedding florist?

1. How do the flowers get to the wedding? Do you offer delivery services and what is included? Do you have a service where you move florals and decor from the ceremony site to the reception?

2. Do you offer rental vases and containers?

3. How do flowers get to you? Are they kept cold all the way from the grower to your shop?

4. Are my favorite flowers in season and available? What is their pricing? Can you suggest other flowers that will give me the same look and feel, and that will complement them well?

5. Can I see pictures of bride’s bouquets and other wedding flowers you have actually done?

6. What suggestions do you have for maximizing my wedding budget?

7. How do you make sure the flowers last throughout the whole day, looking fabulous for the ceremony, reception and pictures?

I’m curious what other questions you have on your mind – leave a reply here and make your suggestion!