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Two Quick Ways to Feel Good at Work! July 24, 2013

Flowers on your desk; Office Flowers; Feel Good at WorkI recently came home from vacation, and was not excited about the stacks on my desk, left from before vacation, and that grew on their own while I was gone! My desk has been functional since we moved into our new location, and yet not an inspiring place to work.

So… yesterday I realized, ‘I don’t have any flowers on my desk’, like the proverbial cobbler whose kids have no shoes. Rectifying the situation, I picked out some pretty gladiolas that remind me of my Dad and Grandad.

It felt SO good to walk into my office, and to sit and work with flowers around!

So here are the two tips:

1. Treat yourself to flowers on your desk.

2. Treat your office to flowers in your break room. It will feel good to enjoy them yourself, and you will feel double good because you are sharing the joy with others!

Share your pictures of your flowers  with us!


Tulips have gotten a bad rap…. April 24, 2013

People give tulips a bad rap, that they don’t last long. Well, here are three vases: on the right are the ones we got in yesterday, notice the yellow ones leaning over. They were laying in a box and tried to pick up their little heads.


The ones in the middle are from last Monday. They were cut a bit shorter and are still perky.

The ones on the left are from two weeks ago. See how they are very open? They open like this as they mature and then drop their petals.

Thought you would like to know!


Petals tip… Sending flowers to someone in the hospital February 20, 2013

Here are four quick tips for when you are sending get-well arrangements to someone in the hospital:


Tall Narrow Arrangement with long-lasting Orchids, Liatris and Fiddlehead Fern

Tall Narrow Arrangement with long-lasting Orchids, Liatris and Fiddlehead Fern

1. Stay away from highly fragrant flowers – strong fragrances can be difficult in a small room, and even if they like them, if they have a roommate, that person may not.

2.  The arrangement will have a bigger impact if it is one-sided. The flowers will likely be up against a wall, or sitting where the person who receives them will see only one side.

3. If they are in ICU, fresh flowers and plants will have to wait until they are in a regular room – your florist can deliver stuffed animals, balloons and/or a full-sized greeting card.

4. Think about their style and personality and ask for a design to be made that really fits who they are – they will feel so special!


New goals about productivity or taking care of yourself? January 4, 2013

As we start a new year, many set goals, make resolutions, or select a word for the year to focus themselves. My word of the year: Leader. I am already turning the corner in leading my team differently and not just working ‘in’ the business. It feels great, and I’m getting good feedback.  I hope you are excited about this year and all it offers. I would love to hear what heart-changes you are experiencing, either on Facebook, Twitter, or here in the comments. It’s so great to encourage each other!

Many goals fall into two broader categories: effectiveness and personal care. We want to do better and be better. Take care of ourselves better, and take care of what’s within our responsibility. Finding support for continuing with our goals, and finding resources that make meeting our goals easier is one of the finest delights! Synergy in life is wonderful.

Simple Peonies

Simple Peonies

Here are two links that provides some resources and inspiration for you:

Flowers help morning moods.

Productive and Happy at Work

Even though I work with flowers all the time, I am still delighted and caught by surprise by how the sight of them makes me feel!

Florists are often the worst when it comes to actually enjoying the flowers ourselves – we think, ‘well, someone might want to buy them.’Or we just forget in the long lists of tasks to take care of.

One of my own new year’s resolutions is to have a single, amazing bloom on my desk all the time. I am worth it! And in this one, I am happy to apply my word of the year and lead by example. So feel free to ask my any time what flower is on my desk…


Flower arrangements – on delivery, should they look stunning in pictures OR last longer in the home? September 5, 2012

While editing our website today,  I updated the text on a couple of arrangements where our picture is featured instead of floral photos we were provided by the website provider. Here is the text that accompanied:  “Bright colors bring smiles, creativity brings the ‘Wow’ factor, and the long-lasting flowers make a lasting impression as they are surprised each day at the changing design. Designed with lasting impact in mind, this arrangement is typically delivered with the lilies mostly in the bud stage, so the recipient has the delight of watching the blooms open at their home or office!”

While updating our website, I realized this is a perfect blog post. Short, to the point, and yet sharing our perspective and the way we think about flowers, and the dilemma we face sometimes with flower pictures online.

Lily Surprise Floral Arrangement

Lily Surprise Floral Arrangement

Why is this even an issue? (Or what do you mean it won’t look exactly like the picture?)

This is an issue with Lily arrangements, and Asiatic and Oriental Lilies particularly. They are cut with the buds fully closed, and they open nicely once they are given a fresh cut.  We want our clients to enjoy the flowers as long as possible, so sometimes they are sent out to the home with just a few open blooms, or mostly closed blooms, like the bouquet at right.

Asiatic Lily and Roses in whites and pinks

Asiatic Lily and Roses in whites and pinks

Many floral pictures show the lilies almost all fully open, like the picture at left.

This makes the bouquet look awesome in the pictures, and yet, with the blooms mostly open, the bouquet will not last as long, losing up to 50-70% of the time of enjoyment in the home.

So which do you prefer?

And we realize the preference may depend on the occasion. For a floral arrangement going to a celebration of life service, or a party, you want the open lilies and other flowers because of the visual impact at the event. When the flowers are going to the home, to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, there is more flexibility.

We’d like to know – do you think about this when you see a bouquet online where the flowers are all completely open?


Want to ‘Wow’ her? Follow this advice! February 24, 2012

Yesterday, we delivered an arrangement by noon, and before the end of the day, got this response back. Shayne gave us permission to share it. His situation is so much like many others. We want the world to know that you have options when it comes to flowers! Here goes his email to us:

“Good Afternoon!  Just wanted to thank you and your staff for blowing my wife away.  I usually get a “Thank you for the flowers” after she receives the flowers, just to let me know that she got them.  And in the case of Valentine’s Day the second call was 3 days later saying that the flowers were wilted and brown on the edges.

“Today you guys rocked……  She called today after your very prompt delivery and her words, “Wow they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!”.  The second call today mind you, “Everyone loves the roses, they are saying that she is so spoiled and of course, where did he get such lovely roses?”  Of course, she is sharing your information with all of her co-workers.

“I must admit your attention to detail and customer service blew me away.  I have been sending roses to my wife for about 10 years now.  I have run the gambit, 1-800-Flowers, Teleflora and FTD.  A coworker of mine suggested calling a local company this time, and boy was she right about that you now have a repeat customer.  Yesterday was the first time I had ever heard from the flower company. 

“Usually I like to not only impress my wife with the roses but also her coworkers.  In the past I have always ordered flowers to be delivered the day before an occasion so that she can enjoy them all day.  The day before Valentine’s Day her coworkers go home to their significant and I quote, “ Janeen got her roses today what are you getting me?”

“Most of the time I am content with hitting a home run with the Roses that she receives.  This time you and your team hit a walk-off Grand Slam in the bottom of the ninth to with the game.”

 Thanks so very much,

 Shayne P.

And later in the evening: ” My wife showed me pictures of the arrangement, no wonder all the office was in awe.  I’ve never seen roses like that, you made her day.”

What happened: He placed an order online for our Artistic Premium Roses. When we received the order in our shop, I called him and asked him what he liked about it. He said he was looking for something different and striking, and that she loves roses. I asked him if he would like us to create a custom arrangement specially for her. I asked him about her style and personality, our unique floral consultant questions, and we gave our designer this description: “Dozen Premium Roses styled uniquely, saw our Artistic Premium Roses – creative, artistic, airy, unique and different – NOT traditional.”

Here is what we delivered:

Janeen Rose Arrangement

Janeen Rose Arrangement - Unique, Creative, Airy Custom arrangement - coming soon on our website!

To experience what Shayne and Janeen did, call us at 480-603-7673, or order your flowers online.


Musings on Sympathy Flowers: Flowers speak in the silence where words cannot go December 2, 2011

Jennifer Sparks shares, “Having worked for the floral industry for almost 20 years, I’ve talked with many family, friends, and acquaintances who question the practicality of sympathy flowers or are confused by the ‘in lieu of flowers’ phrase often seen in death notices and obituaries. Having been to my share of funerals I have seen first hand the healing nature of flowers during a time when words cannot express. But a recent correspondence from Bobbie Nelson, a funeral director’s wife, sums it up so beautifully I have to  share her thoughts:

Island Memories Sympathy Flowers

Celebrate a Love of the Warm Tropics at a Memorial Service

I recently received an e-mail saying “How many flowers end up at the funeral home and how many flowers did the dead person enjoy while they were alive?” This got me to think about both industries, florists and funeral homes.  Quiet ambassadors of love, flowers, yes, flowers. As a funeral director’s wife I have had the honor of standing by others in times of loss and grief. When confusion and pain run so deep, words are intrusive and unwelcome. When hearts are too full for anything except flowers. They stand in their place and tell those who are left, we love them. We are thinking about them right at this moment in time. We care deeply.

God’s beautiful bouquets send thoughtfulness, reassurance, strength, filling the air with His special perfume and color. ‘How thoughtful’ the loved ones say as they read the flower cards, kindness of friends and family shining through. ‘Oh, this is from Aunt Jenny. She can’t travel now but she sent flowers.’

Can you see? Can you hear? Ambassadors of a Godly sort sent from hearts of love to hurting people everywhere…even at the end of our journey, letting the living know how much we care. The flowers are in memory, but they are for the living! So send flowers as often as you are able and know they will reflect your love and care, especially to a funeral home. The saddest thing I have ever witnessed is a funeral without so much as a tiny bud vase whispering ‘someone cares.’ “

I agree with Jennifer and Bobbie, and truly believe that the service is a real celebration of the person’s life, love and what they contributed to family and friends. So in addition to offering warmth and support, the flowers can reflect the unique qualities, interests, life work, or hobbies.For example, we have created memorial service arrangements with a golf theme

Asian-inspired Spring Sympathy bouquet, Sympathy Flowers, Hydrangea, Chinese Ceramic Vase

Celebrate an Asian heritage and a love of spring flowers with a specialty vase and a custom floral design

for an avid golfer on behalf of a friend who cared, and at another time, we inserted the message from family members in the form of a crossword tucked into the flowers for a woman who loved crosswords. And for a sports fan, lovingly created standing sprays styled in a mirror image in therms of the shape, and each one was the color of one of his teams (Phillies and Eagles).  Tributes such as these often really capture who they were and celebrate it! The options are endless.

Jennifer adds, in closing: “And as for ‘in lieu of flowers’ in an obituary? Unfortunately, that buzz phrase is often automatically inserted without much thought when a charity is designated. An alternative phrase could be simply, “The family requests memorial contributions be made to XYZ Organization.” The reality is, it is highly unlikely that the bereaved would want a funeral completely devoid of flowers. So if your heart desires to express your sympathy with flowers, send them. Flowers are a thoughtful way to honor a beautiful life and they provide visible emotional support during a difficult time.”

Another way to express support is to send the flowers to the home in the form of a dining centerpiece or coffee table arrangement that will express your concern as family and friends gather, or once visitors have left, leave a lasting embrace.

Please stay tuned and check back for more tips, ideas and inspirations to come.

Used with permission, SAF member – original post found here.

For discrete, thoughtful and personal assistance with your sympathy flower purchase, please call us!