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4 Things to tell your Floral Designer when ordering your Holiday Flowers November 16, 2011

You are creating your shopping list for the scrumptious foods for the holidays, confirming family and friends who will attend, selecting the look of your table and entertaining area. Next on your list? Ordering the flowers to complete the setting! Flowers make people smile, bring a feeling of satisfaction and enhance creativity and conversation. Here are three things to consider and discuss as you are selecting the flowers for your special gathering:

Elegant Centerpiece featuring spray roses and striking Cobra Lilies

Elegant Centerpiece for a smaller or narrow table, featuring spray roses and striking Cobra Lilies

  1. The overall style and feel of the event – are you going for a trendy/modern look? Or do you want a more home-spun look with whimsical elements? Or an upscale/elegant feel that is still warm and inviting.
  2. The context for the flowers: the decor of the room(s) where people will be gathering, the size and shape of the table(s) where the flowers will be displayed (centerpiece or buffet, coffee table or kitchen bar), and the predominant colors in the space. Are you bringing in special decor accents or metallic items that should be considered?
  3. Your color scheme for the event – are you wanted more neutral tones, such as taupes, ivories, and soft peaches? Or are more bold colors such as pomegranate, cranberry and pumpkin more your style?
  4. Are you giving the flowers away? Or would you like to use your own vase or tureen for the container? Or would you like to select a special hand-blown vase or high-end footed bowl that would be rented for the event and then returned?

For help thinking through your holiday party, and the perfect floral arrangements, post your question for Lisa or Karin on our Facebook Page, or order a custom floral arrangement and we will call and consult with you before creating it. We are Floral Artists offering Concierge-Level services, such as color consultation, full-service delivery and setup, rental vases and containers for events and parties, and customization for an amazing ‘Wow!’ factor.

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Browse our Thanksgiving Flower section of our website.


Holiday Centerpieces: The Right Size for the Perfect Table November 12, 2011

You’ve planned the holiday meal, you’ve confirmed all of the relatives’ arrivals, you’ve coordinated the placesettings and colors… now you just need the perfect centerpiece to tie it all together. But, what proportion is the right choice for your table? You want the guests to be able to see each other, but you don’t want the arrangement(s) to get lost on the table. Here are some guidelines for choosing your centerpiece or table arrangements:

Contemporary Long Centerpiece featuring Orchids and Spider Mums

Contemporary Angular Centerpiece featuring Orchids and Spider Mumsthrough the whole table.

1. Size of the table: When using a single centerpiece, order one that is less than 1/3 of the length or diameter of the table. If you have expanded your table to a longer length, you might consider using more than one arrangement to bring color.

2. Shape of the table: The shape of your table can be mirrored in the shape of your arrangement if you prefer a symmetrical feel. If you want a more modern, edgy mood, then bring a different shape – for example, a rectangular arrangement on a round or oblong table, or a square arrangement on a round table.

Tablescape with Fall Orange Orchid and Succulent Florals with Candles

Tablescape with Fall Orange Orchid and Succulent Florals with Candles

3. Number of place settings: If you are working with a long/oblong table with many place settings, you may need multiple arrangements to balance the proportion of the table, while keeping the height low enough for guests to see over. Keep in mind that odd numbers of items are always more visually pleasing than even, so choose multiples of 3, 5, and 7.

4. Placement of the table vs. viewpoint of the arrangement(s): Is the arrangement going to be visible from all sides, and in most centerpieces? If so, make sure that you let your designer know. Arrangements for use on sideboards or serving tables, or tables pushed against a wall, have a limited vantage point and can be arranged accordingly so your feature flowers are displayed fully and not hidden..

Desert Fall-themed Tall Centerpiece with Roses and Pincushions

Desert Fall-themed Dramatic Centerpiece with Roses and Pincushions

5. Visual Impact: Would you like to take your guests’ breath away when they walk in the room? Or are you inviting people into a large space where there are many centers of activity for the day? Tall, dramatic centerpieces that feature the florals overhead draw the eye to the table with the visual impact, and yet allow guests to comfortably talk to each other across the table.

Once you understand these simple guidelines, choosing the perfect centerpiece is easy and fun! And of course, your floral designer is your perfect partner, supporting you with their wisdom, insight and knowledge of the styles and trends.

The next question is how to communicate everything to your floral designer so they ‘get’ it and support everything you want to accomplish. Check out our post coming soon: 4 Things to tell your Floral Designer when ordering your Holiday Flowers

Flowers are all about the feel – how do you feel? And they are meant to give you personal expression. Be creative in your color choices! Let your designer know the effect you are going for and let their creativity take you to a new dimension of you. Your guests will feel that the arrangement is really you as you express your preferences.

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Thanksgiving Floral Tablescapes November 17, 2010

Do you have a large area in your home or outdoor entertainment area where you would like decor for Thanksgiving? Ask your florist to create a large focal piece, and then gather gourds, pumpkins and fall leaves to create a tablescape.

Tablescape of Fall Florals and Gourds

Think about adding candles, keepsake items or decor from your travels that is meaningful to you as well. Or ask each guest to bring something to add to the tablescape for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Did you know you can ask for more than florals to be included in your arrangement? Vegetables, such as artichokes, kale, turnips, brussel sprouts and many others are wonderful when paired with flowers. Or pears, pomegranates, apples, and other fall fruits. Herbs of all kinds lend themselves well to a harvest feel.


Fall Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers in a Fall Harvest Bouquet

Fall Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers in a Fall Harvest Bouquet

And here in Phoenix, we miss the fall colors of the leaves, so ask for fresh or dried fall leaves to be added in also. The ones pictured here are provided to us by Moss’s Unlimited, who practices sustainable harvesting in the forests of Oregon.

Celebrate what is important to you as you give thanks. Invite others into the process by bringing something of value to add to the tablescape. Celebrate life and all the riches we have with a grateful heart this Thanksgiving.


Seven Tips for Memorable Holiday and Corporate Gifts October 12, 2009

You are heading into the holidays, and are so grateful for the companies who made the year possible. You want to send them something, and don’t want to get lost in the crowd. Instead of defaulting to what you’ve done before, picture this:
Creative Holiday Floral Art

Creative Holiday Floral Art

Your favorite, top clients, walking up to the reception area, and upon seeing your gift, exclaiming ‘Wow! This is very cool! Who sent it?!” Then, opening the card, they are gushing about your business and how much they like doing business with you. Your name is heard over and over in their office that day, and for the days ahead as others exclaim about the gift as they experience it.
The next time they are wanting what you offer, they immediately think of you because they felt so appreciated and remember your gift so vividly. How do you evoke this for in your client relationships?
Branded Floral Arrangement for One Eleven Company

This company's logo was all purple and the owner loved exotic design

Make a creative selection that is different from other companies!
  1. Keep in mind your brand and bring in your colors, logo, style and feel. For example, a ‘Branded Floral Arrangement’  that is inspired by your logo and colors
  2. Customize your gift to each client – what do you know about them and their interests? In order to be efficient, order the same arrangement, plant or wreath for all clients, and ask your florist to switch up the embellishments to reflect them. You could print off their logo and ask that it be incorporated into the arrangement.
  3. Make yourself part of the conversation, giving a gift that positions itself naturally where most of the people in the office will see it, and even clients. For example a holiday wreath on the door. Who doesn’t love the pine scent this time of year?
  4. Beat the crowd – send a creative Thanksgiving arrangement or early December gift that they will take home with them, talking about you at their holiday celebrations. This also gets you a jump on the gift-giving season.
  5. Reflect the town or community that you or they serve. Shop local and reflect local. For example, a creative, one-of-a-kind gift basket, plant, or floral arrangement that reflects Phoenix, Tempe, Glendale or your city.
  6. Reflect something about your property that you want your clients to remember about you.
  7. Find out when their holiday party is and sending something just before or right to the party.
There are so many creative ideas! Share your ideas with us on Facebook or Twitter
Flowers in Tempe, and all over the Phoenix area

Call for a phone or in-person consultation, and we will support you with our creativity and gift experience.

Show Appreciation – Fall Flower Holidays! October 5, 2009

Here is your helpful list of Holidays coming up! We would love to make each one memorable!

National Boss’s Day – October 16th, 2009

Show appreciation to your boss or supervisor this Boss’ Day, Oct 16th, 2009 by sending flowers or a plant. Send a gift that really fits who they are – cheery, artistic, elegant, architectural, etc.

Sweetest Day – October 17th, 2009

Remember those sometimes forgotten and show appreciation for that special someone with roses or their favorite flower this Sweetest Day, Oct 17th, 2009.

Cascading Roses

Cascading Roses

Halloween – October 31st, 2009
Celebrate Halloween, Oct 31st, 2009 with all your favorite ghosts and goblins by surprising them with a special flower treat!

Bats Incredible

Bat's Incredible

Thanksgiving (USA) – November 26th, 2009
Send warm smiles from across the miles this Thanksgiving Nov 26th, 2009 with creative, custom centerpieces. For Business Clients, why not send a Thanksgiving centerpiece so your clients will be talking about you at their Thanksgiving table with family and friends?!

Give Thanks Creatively!

Give Thanks Creatively!

Hanukkah – December 12th – 19th, 2009
Celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah and the Festival of Lights, Dec 12th – 19th, 2009 with flowers. Let them know you are with them in spirit, or send a hostess gift ahead of time!

Basket of Light

Basket of Light

Christmas – December 25th, 2009
What a wonderful time to be with family, and decorate a beautiful table. Or to reach out and connect with family and friends that you will not be able to be with. Let us help you select a Christmas classic or custom, personalized arrangement! Click here to see our current Christmas selection

Christmas Delight

Christmas Delight