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Three Tips for Sympathy Flowers sent to the home August 24, 2012

1. Send to the home?

If you did not have a close relationship to the deceased or if there is a possibility that the flowers would not arrive to the services in time, sending arrangements to the home of the surviving relative is completely appropriate.  In fact, it is appropriate to send flowers up to four weeks after the deceased’s passing, or even beyond that on special occasions where you would like to support the remaining family members (such as their anniversary, special holidays, any time that the remaining family members might be more emotional or missing them more.

2. Scale and Size:

When selecting arrangements for the home, look for medium or small scale arrangements in ceramic, vases, or pots, unless you know the home is quite spacious, and then larger designs can be appropriate. These could be smaller scale versions of arrangements used in the services or any arrangement of your choosing.

Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum

Peace Lilies are very popular to send to the home, or to the service due to being lovely and easy-to-care for.

3. Style and Design:

The big difference for sympathy arrangements delivered to the home, is that most likely you will want a style that is all-around rather then the one-sided designs that fit the front of the ceremony better.


Lilacs and other soft textures are the perfect way to celebrate a feminine lady!

Plants are also perfectly acceptable to send to surviving family members.  Plants or flowers that have their own water sources or are easy to care for are always a good choice considering how busy the family is during that time. Having their own water source allows family to attend to the funeral arrangements and not worry about keeping up with their flower arrangements.

Succulent Garden as a Sympathy Gift

Succulents make a wonderful gift at a time of loss. They are low maintenance, and easy to care for.

For the home, a dining table centerpiece is wonderful if many people are gathering, or a coffee table arrangement can bring your support into family gatherings.

Every situation is unique and God’s Garden Treasures is here to help you in deciding what arrangements to send and where to send them.  Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions that you might have. As your Floral Concierge, we have a Floral Consultant ready to assist you in making a selection that fits the person, the home and the family.