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Flower Tip – How important is the water quality? May 20, 2011

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Recently, Cris N John Popham asked on our Facebook page:

Is there anything I can add to the water to help my flowers last longer? or does changing the water help?

Yes, and Yes!

Floral Preservative

What you can add to the water to help the flowers last longer is professionally created floral preservative. It comes in small packets with your flower purchase (or you can stop by our shop in Tempe and ask for a couple when you need them).  It is scientifically engineered and balanced to both feed the flowers and to inhibit the bacteria in the water (which is what kills the flowers before anything else – except for sitting in direct sunlight in 100 degree weather, but that’s another post).

People ask about pennies, bleach, aspirin, sodas, etc – and they may help some. Anything with sugar in it will help feed the flowers (and also likely help feed the bacteria in the water), and the others are likely intended to inhibit the bacteria.

As for the effectiveness, here are a couple of links to before and after pictures with and without floral preservative:

  • from an Australian company: Flourish
  • YouTube video with time-lapse photography about a new floral foam that also includes floral preservative properties.

If you really want to try your hand at making your own, here are some recipes. Try them out, take pictures, and let us know how it goes!

And lastly, yes, it helps if you change the water. My favorite saying about this is, ‘If you don’t want to drink the water, neither do the flowers!’ – so change the water before it gets little floaties!

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