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Seven Questions to ask before Hiring a Wedding Florist November 16, 2010

So you have your venue and date for your wedding, and your next step is decor and flowers. What questions should you ask when you meet with a wedding florist?

1. How do the flowers get to the wedding? Do you offer delivery services and what is included? Do you have a service where you move florals and decor from the ceremony site to the reception?

2. Can I see pictures of bride’s bouquets and other wedding flowers you have actually done?


White Roses, Chocolate Dahlias, White Stephanotis and Schwarzwalder Calla Lilies

3. What suggestions do you have for maximizing my wedding budget?

4. How do you make sure the flowers last throughout the whole day, looking fabulous for the ceremony, reception and pictures?

5. Do I have to know exactly what I want when I come see you or will you help me figure out what I want?

6. How are your packages priced? Do you offer price options or do your quotes come only with one price?

7. What kind of information do I get about what is included in my wedding package with you? What do your quotes look like?

Finding the right florist is more than about the money -it’s about finding the right fit for the look, style and feel, and finding someone you click with and are comfortable collaborating with.  Enjoy the process! We’ll be blogging more about how we answer these questions in the future. Stay tuned!

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    Great tips for couples….

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