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Petals tip… sending flowers out of state – how we serve you! November 5, 2010

Celebrating special occasions when you are far away is one of the most challenging parts of living away from family and friends. And so many of us in Phoenix are from somewhere else. With the holidays coming up, our hearts turn to family and we want to reach out. For me, my heart aches when I want to just take my folks out for dinner, or go on a double date with my sister and our husbands. And then… she’s pregnant! Or my uncle has a milestone birthday during the week when it’s hard to travel. Or a cousin is having a challenging time. How can you ‘be there’ when you are miles away?

At these times, many people send flowers, because they bring a smile, warmth and a special care. And yet, there are the questions about which florist to use, and how to make sure they are handled well, and is the florist really local, or  will it be delivered in a box and left on a doorstep – what happens when they are not home??

We’ve had people ask us – ‘can you help me with flower deliveries to ___ (out-of-state)?’ and one even requested I blog about it, so here goes.

YES! We can help with floral deliveries anywhere. We offer the same helpful, customizing services that our local delivery customers get. We help you select something appropriate, and more than that, a gift that will really fit who they are and make them feel special. For example, if they live in a contemporary home, and love unique designs, we could suggest something like this:

High End Floral Gift

Modern Thanksgiving Bouquet with Calla Lilies

or if they have a huge thing for motorcycles, how about something with a Harley feel to it? Or maybe they are sports fans, and celebrating a big win with them would make them feel really special. Girly, upscale, or trendy, sleek modern, architectural, or french country. When the design reflects something of them, your loved one knows it was a special selection just for them.

Once we have gathered all the information from you, and clues about your recipient,  we send you one your way to your next meeting, meal or task.

Then we go to work for you. We take the time to call a local florist partner (or 3 or 5) until we find just the right one who will be thrilled to create and deliver your special arrangement. If there are several good options, we can call you back and let you know, or select the one that will work best for your budget and the desired effect.

And then a few hours after we place the order with the other florist, we follow-up and make sure that the order was transmitted properly and is well on it’s way.  It will be hand-delivered, guaranteed. You save time. Your loved one will be thrilled and feel so grateful! You will succeed in making them feel appreciated, celebrated and cared for.

In addition, with our floral concierge-level services, you don’t even have to have the complete address or phone number – we can look it up for you online and confirm it with you. We can look up obituaries to help identify the delivery dress for a sympathy arrangement to a memorial service, call the hospital to make sure they are in a room where they can receive flowers, or even arrange for special delivery times. And if you’re not sure when they’ll be in, we can arrange for a phone call to them, or leave it with a neighbor for them.

So when you miss family, or want to connect, and want it to mean more, let us help you bless them! You are ensured that a local florist delivers the flower by hand, and that they feel special, seeing the personal connection in the flowers, reflecting them.

Let us know any other questions along these lines or about other topics and we will be glad to fill you in.