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Not all Florist Websites are equal May 12, 2010

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Here are a couple florist websites to watch out for that pose as local florists and are ‘order gatherers’:  ‘Just Flowers’ and ‘From You Flowers’. These sites give you one flat rate, and what they don’t say is that $10 comes off the top as a fee for them, and it also includes the delivery fee, and then after that whatever is left over for the flowers.  And you just aren’t told what that amount is when you order.

Custom Floral Arrangement

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We just took calls from both of these companies where they were asking us to fill the orders. We had questions about substitutions, delivery fees, etc, that the overseas customer service rep couldn’t answer. Very interesting!

Why not call an actual local florist? If you have a hard time finding one or making sense of the websites – look on the ‘about us’ page and if they don’t have a local address or local phone number, they’re probably not. Also look at the very bottom of the home page – for SEO they will list the cities. Then look up their website by typing it in – do you still see those cities listed? If not, they’re an ‘order gatherer’.

Flowers should be fun, not frustrating. Find a local florist and enjoy the process!