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What’s the fuss about the 1800Flowers inside Facebook? July 30, 2009

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You might have heard that 1800Flowers has set up shop inside Facebook. And you might wonder why local florists are up in arms. Here’s the scoop: when you place your order on 1800Flowers website, they charge a large fee that is not related to the flowers at all, and then they keep 27% of the actual money you paid for the flowers and the delivery. So the local florist only gets 73% and is asked to fill the order to full value.

Yes, this is an industry standard and it works great local florist to local florist, because we reciprocate with each other. This makes sure the florist who takes their time to serve you and takes your order gets a commission. With an order gatherer who is posing as a local florist, or a large corporation like 1800Flowers, all they do is skim the percent off the top and don’t really reciprocate.

Local Florists are not excited about this move by 1800Flowers and are rejecting these orders. Here is a story of what happened with one woman.

Bottom line – find a local florist. If you don’t have time to go through the search and make sure you are not getting an order gatherer posing as a local florist, call me or order on my website, and I will make sure your order gets delivered by a local florist, no matter where it is.

Another awesome source for finding a local florist directly is: I participate/advertise with this site, and know that there are no order gatherers on this site, and it’s a great search engine with maps, etc.

Get educated and shop local!


3 Responses to “What’s the fuss about the 1800Flowers inside Facebook?”

  1. YES, It is critical to support local florists, and America’s small business enterprise, there is the muscle of any stimulus and recovery.

    I hope this message becomes viral and changes motivates more americans to start a small business. .

  2. Tammy Says:

    I’ve no patience for order gathers & the “flower shops” they hide behind….so deceptive to the general public!! Won’t except 1800Flowers orders at my shop!! Thanks for sharing…I will re post if you don’t mind on my FB page!

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